Monday, January 6, 2014

Dia de los Reyes * 3 Kings Day

A Very Latin Tradition 
(bigger than Christmas in some places)

January 6th is a widely celebrated holiday in Mexico that marks the official end of the Christmas season.

In religious households a statue of a Baby Jesus called a NIÑO JESUS  is placed under the Christmas Tree on Dec 24th day & serenaded with Las Mañanitas, Mexico's birthday song. 
Jan 6th marks the Holy day marks when the 3 Magi arrived at the site of the Baby Jesus' birth with gifts of Gold, Myrrh & Incense.
Tradition states the letters are tied to balloons that are released or
can be placed inside your shoes under the Christmas tree.
Photo: Michael Andrade

Before January 6, children in Mexico write letters to the 3 Kings requesting the gifts they desire.
(Traditionally children were not given gifts until January 6-Santa Claus is a modern influence).
Photo: Michael Andrade

Treats of peanuts, carrots & water are left under 
the Christmas tree for the 3 Kings camels (how cute)
Photo: Michael Andrade

On this day a Traditional Bread, the 'Rosca de Reyes' is eaten, accompanied with Hot Chocolate, Atole or Champurrado as drinks.  
You can find the Rosca in any Mexican bakery.  Our favorite in SF is from
Dianda's Bakey Mission @ 25th St.

Tradition says that whoever gets the hidden doll inside the 'Rosca' bread gets to host tamales on  
Feb 2nd
Dia de la Candelaria, when the Baby Jesus is taken to church to be blessed by the priest.

Vicky from Floreria La Poblanita on Mission St.
in San Francisco, demonstrates the dressing of the Niño Jesus.
On January 6th he is dressed with special clothes and sat on a miniature chair.  Vicky's mother  is a wonderful herbalist who also sells & makes clothing for this day.

January 6th  also marks the official end of the Christmas season & the decorations can be taken down. 
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 May the 3 Kings bring you everything you desire!

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